The Grandad Stories are suitable for children from first understanding to around six years old. The stories are ideal for reading to the very young, and also for children who are learning to read.

The Author 


John Carter was born in 1954 and lives In the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire UK with his wife Melanie, who has two grown up children. They have two cats, Patches and Lulu.  

John is a real Grandad thanks to his three sons and daughter from his first marriage, his grand-children are his inspiration for ‘The Grandad Stories’ 

As well as being a keen writer, John carries out property renovation, and landscape design and construction. 

He and Melanie also run a small bed and breakfast at their cottage. 


The Illustrators:

Keith Phelpstead - Grandad's Wheelbarrow, Fish-pond, Red Van and New Car, Keith is John’s friend and next door neighbour. 

Andrew Gentilli - Grandad's Lawnmower, John has known Andrew since he was a boy.


Grandad’s Wheelbarrow, Grandad’s Fish-pond, Grandad’s Red Van, Grandad's New Car and Grandad’s Lawnmower are currently available World-wide on Amazon, both in paperback and as ebooks. For U.K. orders, you can also order the paperback versions here on our website 


Plus . . . There will be more stories coming soon, so keep an eye open for updates here and on our Facebook page @thegrandadstories.