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Grandad's Wheelbarrow 


Grandad loves his old wheelbarrow even though it is rusty and has a wonky wheel. One day, when he discovers it is missing, Grandad sets off...  determined to get it back!

Price £5.25 £4.95 each incl. postage

Grandad's Fish-pond


It’s springtime and Grandad’s fish-pond is in need of a clean. Those little fishy faces look quite alarmed when Grandad’s wellies start to slip...  Oh, oh, Looks like trouble!​

Price £5.25 £4.95 each incl. postage

Grandad's Red Van


Grandad’s red van is usually full of lots of stuff but today he’s using it to collect some sand from the quarry. A sudden change in the weather leaves him in need of help...  but who will rescue him?

Price £5.25 £4.95 each incl. postage

Grandad's New Car 


Grandad gets rather upset when his friends laugh at his new car... but then he finds that things aren’t quite what they seem!


Price £5.25 £4.95 each incl. postage

Grandad's Lawnmower

Grandad's Lawnmower 


Grandad needs to cut the grass but he gets a 'mice' surprise when he goes to get his lawnmower box... 

Oh dear!... How will he collect the grass now?


Price £5.25 £4.95 each incl. postage

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If you'd like to buy all 5 of the Grandad Stories you'll get them for the reduced price of only £4.60 each incl. postage...